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In-Home Head Lice Removal Services for families and agencies

During the first step, we screen the hair for nits and lice. It is highly recommended that the entire family sit in for an evaluation as it is possible more than one family member is affected.

If nits and lice are found, we move on to step two, which is manually removing the parasites. We use special combs and a tested technique leading to the fast and safe removal of nits and lice. (First initial appointment includes one free comb per family).

The final step of the process is empowering you to get rid of and prevent head lice and nits from returning. We will teach you our unique process and recommend the products needed.

In-Home care is $139.00 taxes included for first appointment which is 2 hours, and includes a free nit comb and sample bottle of aftercare tee tree oil shampoo. Depending on the severity it may be possible that an extra hour may be needed to complete the treatment, but in most cases only 2 hours is required. 

$60/Hour - 2 Hour Minimum
(Outside city limits: $0.45/km + travel time)