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  • How to remove the infestation safely and quickly, even from your own hair.
  • How to reduce your cleaning efforts.
  • The different options of products that may be used to effectively combat head lice, (we ask that you make an informed choice about which product to use).
  • How to tell the difference between nits and nit impostors (important for future).
  • Learn how to prevent head lice in the future.

Quick Announcement

Limestone Head Lice Services is up and running. Wendy Wilkins, Shelly Roy's partner has taken over the business. They had known each other for eight years and had been working together for last 4yrs.

Please call 613-743-2395 if you have any questions or to book your appointment.

Head lice can often be an uncomfortable and embarrassing experience for families. We must remember that head lice are a common affliction affecting millions of North Americans each year. It has nothing to do with cleanliness, environment, status or income. Limestone Head Lice Services has been serving Kingston and surrounding areas for the past fifteen years. Proudly serving families, medical professionals, schools, camps, day care centres as well as a variety of organizations in the community, we will remove and counsel you on how to banish head lice in the comfort of your own home.

Our approach to this is in the way we treat our clients. We do not use scare tactics or have our own product line; instead, our goal at Limestone Head Lice Services, is to educate you on how to safely and quickly remove and prevent this common pest: We ask that you make an informed choice on which products to use, or we can assist you with choosing the products that best suits your situation.

This is the reason we stand out from other head lice removal companies and have been successful and trusted over the past 15 years; with experience, we have learned it is imperative that parents and families take part in the removal process. Think of your free comb (with first appointment), as an incentive to empower you and your entire family to genuinely participate in the process and follow all instructions. By asking you to participate, we are simply trying to guarantee our services to you and your family, and educate you throughout the process.

We will teach you our unique and proven removal system so that you never need to call us back! We are able to assure satisfaction guaranteed, so long as everyone in your household agrees to follow through with all instructions, and is willing to learn about and participate in the removal process. Anyone in your household who is found to have lice, is then treated.

Our Goal is to see you within a 1-3 day window from the time that you call us for help. In many cases, we want do our best to see you the same day, or the next day as we know what you are going through and we want to do our best to help you right away!